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25th MuK (Music in Clinics) - 22nd of November, 2023

Updated: Jan 19

"Duo Alhambra - Divna Šimatović (guitar) and Abdul-Aziz Hussein (clarinet)

We are immensely grateful to Divna and Abdul-Aziz for the beautiful concert! Literally at the last moment (due to the recording of a TV report), our wonderful performers prepared a concert program and delighted everyone present with their inspired musical performance!

You can hear how it sounded in the following videos, as well as in the report on Nova TV!


F. Tárrega: Sjećanje na Alhambru - Divna Šimatović

T. Uhlik: Ples vatre (ili nevolje s istom) - Duo Alhambra

A. Grgin: Capriccio br. 1 - Abdul-Aziz Hussein

S. Fumić: Nokturno - Divna Šimatović

M. de Falla: Nana iz Sedam popularnih španjolskih pjesama - Duo Alhambra

B. Kovács: A la Flamenco - Duo Alhambra

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