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26th ChristmasMuK (Christmas Music in Clinics) - the 20th of December, 2023

Katarina Perić

Mija Mihanović

Ana Horvat

Modi Rabak

Iris Imamagić

Darija Miketić

Magdalena Križnik

Seven beautiful 5th-year Music Pedagogy students from the Academy of Music in Zagreb gave a concert to patients and medical staff at the Clinic for Tumors!

They prepared a concert program exclusively for this occasion, and we are immensely grateful to them for that!

They brought the true Christmas spirit to the Clinic, sang for everyone present, filled the space and hearts of people with their energy! Thank you!

Volunteers from the Center for Art and Medicine at the Clinic for tumors wish all of you a Merry and Blessed Christmas! ♥️


Tiha noć

Somewhere in my memory

Mehki Snežek

Chesnuts roasting

O come, All YE Faithfull

Božić bijeli

Joy to the world

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